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The DIS came into existence on 1 January 1992 as a result of the merger of the German Arbitration Committee (Deutscher Ausschuss für Schiedsgerichtswesen e.V., DAS), established in 1920, and the German Arbitration Institute (Deutsches Institut für Schiedsgerichtswesen, DIS), established in 1974. It is a registered association with its seat in Berlin.

The DIS has a Board of Directors consisting of 18 persons, currently chaired by Prof. Dr. Herbert Kronke. The board´s membership includes representatives from academia, commerce and the legal profession. The board of directors is supported in its work by the advisory board. In addition, working groups on different topics in arbitration are formed from time to time. In these working groups, experts express their views on new developments and tasks and develop suggestions for discussion.

The main secretariat of the DIS, under the direction of the general secretary, Dr. Francesca Mazza, is located in Bonn. The DIS has additional offices in Berlin and Munich.

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