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DIS-Mediation/Conciliation Clause 02

The German Arbitration Institute advises all parties wishing to make reference to DIS Mediation/Conciliation in their contracts to use the following Mediation/Conciliation clause:

"With regard to all disputes arising from or in connection with the contract (... description of the contract ...) mediation/conciliation proceedings shall be undertaken in accordance with the Mediation/Conciliation Rules of the German Arbitration Institute e.V. (DIS) in effect on the date of commencement of the mediation/conciliation proceedings."

It is recommended that provisions concerning the number of mediators/conciliators, the language and the place of mediation/conciliation be added to the Mediation/Conciliation clause.

Please note that even if a dispute already has arisen, an agreement to conduct mediation/conciliation proceedings in accordance with the DIS - Mediation/Conciliation Rules can still be concluded at any time.

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