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Cost Calculator (as of 01 March 2016)

With the help of the DIS Cost Calculator, parties can calculate the prospective costs of filing a claim with the DIS, as well as the costs of the entire proceedings. The costs are calculated in accordance with the Schedule of Costs effective since 1 March 2016 (Appendix to Sec. 40 sub. 5 of the DIS Arbitration Rules). Please note that the calculation does not include VAT on arbitrators' fees. The calculation also does not include any additional expenses which may be incurred by the arbitral tribunal, nor does it include the parties' costs. The reimbursement of expenses pursuant to Sec. 40 sub. 1 is calculated on the basis of such guidelines as are issued by the DIS in force at the time of commencement of the arbitral proceedings.

The calculation is not binding and provides a guidance to parties and arbitrators in a DIS arbitration only.

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