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RA Dr. Roland Hürlimann, LL.M.

Baur Hürlimann AG
Bahnhofplatz 9
8001 Zürich

Fon+41 44 2187777
Fax+41 44 2187770
Swiss, Thal/SG 1957

Present Position
Partner with Baur Hürlimann

Training / Professional Experience
1977-1984 University of Fribourg, Law School (lic.iur. 1981; Dr.iur. 1984); 1981-1984 Assistant with Prof. Dr. P. Gauch (Law School Fribourg); 1984-1985 Clerk at the Supreme Court of Canton of Argovie; 1985 Admission to the Swiss Bar; 1985-1986 Associate with Schumacher Baur Hürlimann; 1986-1987 University of Berkeley, Law School (Master of Laws, LL.M.); 1987 Associate with Lempres & Wulfsberg, San Francisco; since 1988/1991 Associate/Partner with Baur Hürlimann AG

Areas of specialisation
Commercial Contracts, Infrastructure Projects, Construction/Engineering, Plants and Equipment, Sale of Goods/UN-Convention, Joint Venture Agreements, Technology, Shareholder Agreements

Arbitral experience
total of 91 proceedings; ICC, UNCITRAL, Swiss Rules, CRCICA, ad hoc; As Chairman - 19 proceedings; as Co-Arbitrator - 37 proceedings; as Counsel: 35 proceedings; subject-matter of the proceedings: Infrastructure Projects; Construction/Engineering, Plants and Equipment, Sale of Goods/UN-Convention, Joint Venture Agreements, Shareholder Agreements

Membership in professional associations
Zurich and Swiss Bar Association; IBA, ICC Swiss Contry List, ASA Swiss Arbitration Association; Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Swiss and International Contruction Law, Member of IACL, International Academy of Construction Lawyers

Arbitration in Construction in Switzerland (2019); Co-Author, Engineering/Design Professional Contracts (2019); Co-Author, Commentary on Construction Law/Standards SIA Norm 118 (2017); Specific Performance as a Remedy in Construction and Manufacturing - Non- Monetary Relief in International Arbitration (ASA No 30; 2011); Disruption Claims under Swiss Law (2004); Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management; Swiss Report (1998); various other publications on Construction, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution and related matters (see: www.bhlaw.ch)

Language Skills
German, English

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