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DIS-Sponsorship Award 2001/02

In 2001/02 the DIS for the first time offered a prize for the advancement of young academics in the field of arbitration and related areas, which was awared on November 28, 2002 in the Berlin Reichstag.

Eleven research papers, predominantly dissertations, were submitted. The papers were of a very high academic standard and dealt with a broad spectrum of current questions in national and international dispute resolution. In light of number of excellent papers, the DIS increased the total amount for the prize to € 10,000 EUR and awarded three prizes. The prize winners are Mr. Martin Borowsky for his paper on "Das Schiedsgutachten im Common Law", Mr. Torsten Lörcher for his paper "Neue Verfahren der internationalen Streiterledigung in Wirtschaftssachen" and Mr. Markus A. Papmehl for his paper "Die Schiedsfähigkeit gesellschaftsrechtlicher Streitigkeiten".

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