About us


For more than one hundred years, the German Arbitration Institute (DIS) has been the leading institution in Germany for the administration of arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings for national and international commercial disputes. In addition, we provide information to companies on different sensible possibilities to resolve conflicts quickly, thus helping companies save time and resources.

As a competence platform, we offer expertise for companies to solve commercial disputes efficiently and to obtain an enforceable award. Our neutral, independent administration of proceedings ensures a high level of quality for the entire process of dispute resolution and allows parties to obtain an enforceable award.


The DIS is a registered association with its seat in Berlin. The purpose of the DIS is the promotion of arbitration. We work independently of public or private organisations and the members of our unique network comprise more than 1,500 experts in Germany and abroad, including Chambers of Industry and Commerce, leading German companies, lawyers, in-house counsels and academics. We have offices in Berlin, Bonn and Munich. With our long tradition, we have become a respected arbitration institution and have developed into a trusted and neutral platform for this field of law in Germany. The German Court of Arbitration for Sport is supported by the DIS and acts independently of sport associations and clubs, athletes, the NADA, and other sport organizations and players. It is concerned with disputes relating to sport and, in particular, anti-doping disputes.

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