Regional Groups

Networks & Young Talent


There are several informal arbitration circles established in Germany which aim to promote the practice of arbitration and to provide networking opportunities for those interested in arbitration. These circles will occasionally organise events in support of such purposes. Regional groups can be found in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main and Munich.

Here is more information about these groups:

Hamburg Arbitration Circle

The Hamburg Arbitration Circle e.V. is an association of more than 60 arbitration practitioners which was founded in 2004. The purpose of the association is to promote arbitration and Hamburg as an arbitration location. The very active association regularly invites to current events. It is co-organizer of, among others, the Hamburg International Arbitration Day, the CAM CCBC Hanseatic Premoot and supports the Hamburg Arbitration School.

Further information/contact: Hamburg Arbitration Circle (HAC)

DIS40 events in different regions

Each year, DIS40 events take place in different regions in Germany, in Switzerland (Zurich and Basel) and in London. These events are focused on current topics of arbitration as well as the further education and training of young arbitration practitioners. The DIS40 regional coordinators are responsible for organising all regional events.

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