Newsletter 12/2022



Dear Readers,

Towards the end of this year, we are happy to present the second edition of the DIS Newsletter to you. As you will see, the last few months have been a busy time at the DIS with lots of events taking place both in person and online. The outlook for next year is equally promising: dates for next year’s main events have already been set and you will find all of them in this Newsletter.

This year has brought many changes to the DIS. Above all, with the beginning of the new year, Dr Ramona Schardt will take office as new Secretary General. We look very much forward to working with her and hope that you will join us in warmly welcoming her. You can certainly expect to hear more from Dr Schardt in future editions of this Newsletter too.

A quick reminder that subscription to this Newsletter is open to everyone interested and free of charge. We look forward to receiving contributions, such as information about upcoming events, and any other suggestions you may have for future editions at newsletter(at)

Jan Erik Spangenberg and Donata v. Enzberg



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News from the Board of Directors

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