Connecting People

What matters to us


Connecting people means creating new opportunities and perspectives: we want to help people create new networks and benefit from a continuous exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Dispute resolution
In the field of alternative dispute resolution, we as an arbitration institute create a neutral space in which the parties try to find a solution to their dispute. The aim of early conflict resolution is the amicable settlement of disputes through appropriate procedures. The 2018 DIS Arbitration Rules support early conflict resolution, even if arbitration proceedings have already been initiated.

It is important to us to offer our members a platform for networking, professional development and the exchange of experiences with other practitioners, both domestically and internationally. Common solutions can only be found through the open exchange of views between experts and practitioners. This ensures that arbitration and alternative dispute resolution continue to meet the needs of business and society and promotes the continuing development of conflict resolution mechanisms for the future.

We consider it essential to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and to facilitate networking to the various stakeholders that are active in alternative dispute resolution, such as companies, law firms, associations and academic institutions. We support relevant projects and regularly organise events on current topics related to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. In addition, we support events worldwide, catering to professions working in the field, in which representatives of the DIS regularly participate.

For us, connecting people means promoting arbitration and alternative dispute resolution both in Germany and internationally.

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