Bilateral Arbitration Groups

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As an association, the DIS promotes arbitration in Germany and cross-border exchange. With this task in mind, the Board of Directors has set up various bilateral arbitration groups since 2022.

The groups build bridges to our neighbouring countries and beyond. A special feature of the groups is that they are founded jointly with our respective sister organisations. The groups thus create a bilateral forum to promote cross-border knowledge and dialogue.

The bilateral arbitration groups are led by two co-chairs. A working committee with equal representation develops and implements projects for the bilateral arbitration group, such as webinars or face-to-face events. On the German side, the participants in the working committees were selected from the responses to our call for language skills and contacts abroad, in consultation with the respective sister organisation. We are very grateful to our members for this commitment. All participants have a specific interest and experience in the other country as well as in international trade and the settlement of trade disputes between the two countries.

Regular group meetings and events will explore the specific differences and similarities between the two countries' arbitration practices and traditions in order to deepen group members' understanding and knowledge of each other's arbitration practices and to establish contacts.

The bilateral arbitration groups have already organised several public events. An overview can be found here: past events.

All interested DIS members are invited to attend the events of the bilateral arbitration groups. Events are announced on the DIS website.

So far we have established the following eight bilateral arbitration groups, with more to come:

DAA/DIA/DIS Arbitration Group (Denmark)


CRCICA/DIS Arbitration Group (Egypt)


AFA/DIS Arbitration Group (France)


DIS/GAA Arbitration Group (Georgia)


AIA/arbit/CAM/DIS Arbitration Group (Italy)


DAA/DIS/NAI Arbitration Group (Netherlands)


DIS/Lewiatan/PAA/PCC Arbitration Group (Poland)


CEA/CIAM/DIS Arbitration Group (Spain)



Do you have a particular affinity with a country and would like to be part of a bilateral DIS Arbitration Group? Then take part in the bilateral DIS arbitration group survey (in German) and send a message to events(at) or to the group contact.


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