Practice notes

Tools & Rules


This section provides access to information and tools for DIS arbitration proceedings. Please note that these documents are currently only available in German.

DIS eFile User Manual

The DIS also has provided training on how to use the software. A recording of the event is available (in German) for those here who were unable to attend one of the three events. Further English-speaking events are planned.

Practice Notes Supplementary Rules for Third-Party Notices (DIS-TPNR)

Leitfaden Informationstechnologie in Schiedsverfahren nach 2018 DIS-Schiedsgerichtsordnung - Hinweise zu Art. 27.4(i) und Anlage 3 lit. G 2018 DIS-Schiedsgerichtsordnung

Checkliste Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie & Schiedsverfahren (für Schiedsgericht & Parteien)

Information on filing an request for DIS arbitration proceedings under Sect. 23 (8) German Packaging Act

Practice note on the use of experts in arbitration

Datenschutzrichtlinie für Schiedsverfahren

FAQ Datenschutz für DIS-Schiedsverfahren

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