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VAT-ID number pursuant to section 27a of the Value-Added Tax Law (Ge: Umsatzsteuergesetz): DE169824660. The German Arbitration Institute is registered in the register of associations at the Charlottenburg District Court under the registration number VR 24808 B.

The DIS is represented by its board of directors (in accordance with section 26 of the German Civil Code):
Chairman of the Board: Stefan Kröll
Deputy Chairmen of the Board: Rouven F. Bodenheimer, Reinmar Wolff

Secretary General: Ramona Schardt

Questions regarding the contents of this website can be directed to:
Antonida Netzer (legal content)
Thomas Losem (non-legal content)

All persons named above can be reached at the DIS address as listed above (Marienforster Str. 52, 53177 Bonn, Germany).

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German Court of Arbitration for Sport (,

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