DIS eFile: the digital case file for parties and arbitrators

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With the introduction of the 2018 DIS Arbitration Rules, the DIS has already converted the internal administration of arbitral proceedings to a purely digital system. The next step towards the complete digitalisation of arbitral proceedings is now being taken.

As of 14 September 2023, the DIS will offer the digital case file "DIS eFile" to parties, arbitral tribunals and others involved in the arbitral proceedings. The digital case file allows for the complete management of all documents relating to the arbitral proceedings and enables arbitrators to better manage the proceedings through various functions. In the introductory phase, this offer is optional for the parties to get to know the benefits of direct digital case management.

DIS eFile can be used to manage all types of dispute resolution proceedings offered by the DIS, provided that the parties agree to use the software.

DIS eFile further enhances security and improves transparency for all parties involved in the proceedings. It also facilitates the exchange of information and provides numerous tools for faster and more efficient proceedings - supported by the DIS Case Management Team.

The digital case file "DIS eFile" is very easy and intuitive to use. The DIS provides users with an easy-to-understand user manual and direct support from the Case Management Team. In addition, The DIS also has provided training on three dates on how to use the software. A recording of the event is available for those who were unable to attend one of the three events. Further English-speaking events are planned.

The benefits of DIS eFile
  • Ease of use
  • High data security
  • Fast and secure data transfer
  • Clarity
  • Transparency
  • Simplified proceedings handling
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased sustainability
Online platform

DIS eFile is based on the HighQ system, a cloud-based project management and collaboration software from Thomson Reuters, a global leader in digital legal applications. The company stands for experience, consistency and high security standards. DIS eFile is stored and managed on secure servers in Germany. The system meets the highest state-of-the-art security requirements. The digital case file of the DIS therefore meets the requirements for data security, confidentiality and data protection.

How does the digital case file work?

The DIS sets up a digital case file with DIS eFile at the commencement of the proceedings and allows access to the case file by the parties and the arbitrators or other persons involved in the proceedings, subject to their consent. All documents can be uploaded directly to the case file by authorised persons via a secure upload connection and filed in a uniform manner. They are immediately available to all DIS eFile users involved in the proceedings.

A dashboard provides the most important information about the proceeding at a glance. It includes information on the parties to the proceeding, current deadlines and recent uploads. DIS eFile also provides an integrated case calendar and task management system that can be used by the arbitrators and the DIS Case Management Team to communicate and monitor deadlines and tasks.

At the beginning of the use of DIS eFile, the most important procedural steps up to the constitution of the arbitral tribunal are entered into the system for all participants by the Case Management Team. Registered persons are automatically notified of all activities within the case file.

The features of DIS eFile
  • Secure access to the digital case file
  • Secure data transfer for parties and arbitrators
  • Quick and direct exchange of data
  • Clear and consistent management of all documents in the proceeding
  • Overview of the most important information in the proceeding
  • Overview of all contact persons with contact options
  • Digital procedural calendar
  • Overview of current tasks in the proceeding
  • Search functions within the case file and the procedural calendar
  • Task management system for arbitrators
  • Automated notification system in the case file
  • Monitoring of activities in the case file
  • Quick access to DIS Rules, Model Clauses and Practice Notes

DIS eFile is the German Arbitration Institute's next step towards the digital future of arbitration in Germany. Ideally, the digital case file will facilitate the work of the parties, the arbitrators and the Case Management Team as well as the cooperation between them and can thus significantly reduce the duration of proceedings and thus increase efficiency. DIS eFile is another building block in the DIS’s efforts to promote fast, early dispute resolution.

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