Corporate culture

About us


Our intent

Companies perceive litigation as a disruption of their corporate activities. Our effective procedures for a binding resolution of conflicts make business relationships more smooth and secure. We assist national and international companies on their way to success and thus provide a valuable contribution to society. The DIS team is passionately committed to these goals.

What we do to get there

Innovation through a network of experts

We are guided by the aim of continuously improving our services for companies to deal with their legal disputes. In doing so, we have created a network of practitioners and have consolidated their knowledge, experience and expertise. As a leading platform for the exchange of knowledge on alternative dispute resolution, we benefit from the vast experience of our network.

Practical assistance through customized solutions

We implement our practical experience to facilitate conflicts and dispute resolution procedures in the daily business of our users. We provide companies with suitable procedural rules as a framework for their disputes. Our procedural rules may be combined and thus enable a solution tailored to the individual needs of the dispute.

Trust through integrity, reliability and neutrality

Integrity, reliability and neutrality are the foundation for the trust in the DIS and its services.

The values we share

Creating added value, freeing up resources, bringing about improvement

We measure the success of our actions by the added value we deliver. Such added value for companies is represented by a reduction of disruptions that may trigger legal disputes and contributes to releasing resources that companies may then use for other purposes. We strive to continuously improve our performance and increase the efficiency of conflict resolution for our users.

Listen, learn, and share

We believe in mutual inspiration, dialogue and open cooperation. We connect people and promote an exchange of knowledge for the benefit of all who can profit from efficient dispute resolution. It is a fundamental ambition of the DIS to establish long-term relationships and to build trusting partnerships.

Continuing traditions, implementing innovations, shaping the future

We are continuing the tradition of German commercial arbitration to strive for an amicable dispute resolution and are also promoting it abroad. We want to shape the future by combining a sense of tradition with openness to new things in the present. Every day, we actively pursue our goal as one of the leading arbitral institutions worldwide to be a role model for future-oriented actions and to help shape the future of dispute settlement.

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