What matters to us


We are committed to transparency in our work. By being transparent we ensure the high quality and credibility of alternative dispute resolution services. We are committed to improving and recognise that transparency is the means to achieve that goal.

By being transparent, we meet the standards expected of a responsible institution. Transparency and our long history form the basis of the trust that parties place in us as a neutral and independent institution.

Strengthening transparency and procedural integrity in arbitration

The DIS introduced its new Arbitration Rules in 2018, which contained several new features and innovations, including the creation of a new body, the Arbitration Council. With the adoption of these new rules, we have significantly increased the transparency of our arbitration proceedings.

The Arbitration Council of the DIS has assumed responsibility for certain administrative tasks that were previously handled by arbitral tribunals:

  • Decisions on the challenge of an arbitrator. Decisions concerning the removal of arbitrators from office is a new addition to the DIS rules and now falls within the decision-making authority of the Arbitration Council of the DIS.
  • Fixing the arbitrators’ fees in case of early termination.
  • Decisions on requests to increase arbitrators’ fees in complex cases.
  • Review of the amount in dispute determined by the arbitral tribunal is another new addition to the rules.

The Appointing Committee of the DIS continues to be responsible for decisions concerning appointments and, if necessary, the selection of arbitrators.

The Secretariat administers the deposits for arbitrators’ fees and expenses that are provided by the parties at the beginning of the proceedings. The Secretariat also pays the arbitrators’ fees and expenses at the end of the proceedings. The responsibility for this task was previously held by the arbitral tribunal, but after the adoption of the DIS Arbitration Rules 2018 has now been assumed by the DIS Secretariat.

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