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The DIS has offices in Berlin and in Bonn. Administration of arbitrations, sport arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings as well as our other alternative dispute resolution activities are conducted in these offices.

We have contact persons for our members and for all questions related to our activities, including networking and promotion of arbitration in Germany and abroad.

In our Bonn office, the Secretary General and the Management Team are managing the DIS. In addition, the Corporate Affairs Team in Bonn is in charge of communication, project management and IT for the DIS. The Case Management Team in Bonn is responsible for the administration of arbitrations according to the DIS Arbitration Rules, except for arbitrations in sport-related disputes.

The staff members in our Berlin office are responsible for all issues related to membership and sport. They organise events, look after the German Arbitration Journal (SchiedsVZ) and the DIS40 and are your contact for general queries.

Find the right contact person here:

Arbitration (Case Management)

For all questions concerning your ongoing arbitration, please contact the Counsel and Case Administrator in charge. You can find their contact details in the signature at the end of each letter from the DIS pertaining to your arbitration. If you do not know who your contact persons are, the DIS Case Management Team is at your disposal to help you:

Telephone: +49 228 39 18 15 400
Fax: +49 228 391 815 222

For any general query unrelated to an ongoing arbitration, please contact the Berlin office:

Telephone: +49 30 41 70 70 70 888

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