Newsletter 02/2023



Dear Readers,

The new year has started on an extremely positive note for the DIS, as Dr Ramona Schardt has taken office as the new Secretary General at the DIS on 1 January 2022. But this is not the only personnel news as you will see in the News from the Board of Directors and from the Secretary General, which includes a promotion from the DIS’ own ranks – you have the chance to learn a bit more about this person in our category “Get to know”.

Besides these very welcome changes, the first months of this year have been and are continuing to be busy with many events we are much looking forward to. Likewise, projects the DIS Board of Directors has set up last year have gained momentum, such as the DIS Arbitration Groups. You can read about these topics and many more in this first edition of the DIS Newsletter 2023.

A quick reminder that subscription to this Newsletter is open to everyone interested and free of charge. We look forward to receiving contributions, such as information about upcoming events, and any other suggestions you may have for future editions at newsletter(at)

Jan Erik Spangenberg and Donata v. Enzberg



News from the Board of Directors

News from the Board of Directors

News from the Secretary General

News from the Secretary General

Insights: Behind the Scenes of the DIS

Get to know: Chun-Kyung Paulus Suh

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