Get to know: Chun-Kyung Paulus Suh

Newsletter 02/2023 - Insights: Behind the Scenes of the DIS

What is your role at the DIS?

I joined the DIS in January 2018 as Counsel, became Senior Counsel in January 2020 and assumed office as Head of Case Management in November 2022. After having administered more than 400 arbitrations, I understand my new role to optimize case management processes at DIS, to ensure quality and know-how-management and to support the personal developments of members of the Case Management Team. A great and challenging project ahead is certainly the implementation of HighQ at DIS. I also represent the DIS on various fora; e.g., as I write these lines, I return from the 77th Working Session of UNCITRAL Working Group II where the DIS represented Germany and presented the DIS Adjudication Rules to the Working Group.

What path led you to the DIS?

Rather random circumstances: I have a public international law background having worked at the University of Munich with ICJ Judges Bruno Simma and Georg Nolte. If I had not been pushed by a colleague and dear friend to a DIS joint event on international arbitration in Korea with Korean partner institution KCAB (Korean Commercial Arbitration Board), I would have never heard of the DIS. When DIS was on search for Counsel at the end of 2017, it had the implementation of its e-filing system (enaio) and the entry into force of its 2018 Rules in the pipeline, which were highly interesting, challenging and promising facts for me to join the club. And here I am, still at the DIS.

What do you particularly appreciate about your work?

Diversity in all aspects – Diversity of the disputes, of arbitrations, of people to deal with; diversity in assignments, in minds, in opinions, in the composition of the team. And yet one thing forms us together: The goal to strive always for the better. The team spirit at DIS is outstanding and was outstanding throughout difficult times particularly last year.

What motivates you?

To make the sheer impossible work. And to have mates around me that tackle challenges together with the same motivation.

How would you describe the DIS in three key words?

Efficiency, German Style.

Tell us a fun fact we should know about you?

I am not sure if it is a fun fact, but as many get this wrong; my last name only consists of three letters. Suh. And it is pronounced ‘saw’, not ‘sue‘.


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