Survey on the attractiveness of arbitration courts - research project at Hof University of Applied Sciences

Newsletter 02/2023 - Announcements


Hof University of Applied Sciences is currently undertaking a survey among lawyers (m/f/d) on the attractiveness of arbitration courts compared to state courts. The aim is to publish the results in the journal International Commercial Law (IHR).

Peter Schäfer from Hof research team: „Arbitration is broadly regarded to be faster, cheaper, more efficient, more competent and more confidential than bringing a classical lawsuit before an established state court. Is this positive reputation, is this “edge” of arbitrational courts over national state courts justified in reality? Or are there shortcomings and deficits for private arbitration as well? In the end: Is arbitration, for businesses, more attractive than state jurisdiction? – A research project at Hof University of Applied Sciences in Northern Bavaria addresses this issue by setting up a standard, internet-based questionnaire (in German) to be directed to legal practitioners. It can easily be answered within 5 to 10 minutes by clicking on this link.

We are most grateful for your participation. If you leave us your e-mail-address, we will inform you about the results of our survey and reward your valuable effort with a 10-euro amazon voucher. Data will be kept closed. With best regards from the Hof research team:

Cornelia Lehnert, Peter Schäfer and Julia Wohlrab

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