Review Lunch DIScussions 2023: The new ICSID 2022 Rules and Regulations, 12 January 2023

Newsletter 02/2023 - Review: Past Events


Do the 2022 ICSID rules have any relevance at all to international commercial arbitration?" Our first "Lunch DIScussion" of 2023 on 12 January revolved around this question. The International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) had presented its new arbitration rules in June 2022 after 4 years of work. This was the first revision in 16 years. During the 4-year revision process, all 156 Contracting States as well as international stakeholders were able to submit comments. The rules thus reflect an international consensus on certain issues. Therefore, the question arose whether and how these changes and the results could also be relevant for commercial arbitration.

Our speakers Stephen Fietta KC of Fietta LLP and Sebastian Seelmann-Eggebert of Latham & Watkins discussed individual chapters of the ICSID Rules 2022, including transparency, certainty of costs, expedited arbitration or court-appointed experts. The event was moderated by our board member Richard Happ. We are very pleased that we have successfully started the new year 2023 with our Lunch DIScussion series.

Richard Happ


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