Hearing facilities at the DIS office in Bonn

Newsletter 12/2022 - Announcements


We are pleased to inform you that the DIS office in Bonn is again available for hearings. Testimony to the benefits of the DIS is the recent role it played in the successful conclusion of a substantial mediation process. The mediator praised the DIS office:

“The location is on the one hand centrally located, but on the other hand so secluded that the parties can almost ‘feel’ the confidentiality and security. Not only the main room, but also the adjoining rooms provided for one-on-one meetings are ideally suited for mediation and the surrounding park helps to bring fresh air into the proceedings.”

Overall, both the mediator and the parties found the setting at the DIS premises in Bonn to be well-suited for long mediation hearings and essential for their success.

Further information on our hearing faculties can be found here.

Please direct your enquiries and any follow-up questions to: Mr Philipp Jahnel, Casemanagement Team, casemanagement(at)no_spamdisarb.org


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