Get to know: Hannah Hetgens

Newsletter 12/2022 - Insights: Behind the Scenes of the DIS

What is your role at the DIS?

I am a Case Administrator with the DIS Case Mangement Team. That means that together with the Counsel I contribute to the administration of arbitral proceedings in accordance with the DIS Arbitration Rules.

What path led you to the DIS?

I studied European and International Law in the Netherlands. During an Erasmus semester in Sweden I heard about International Commercial Arbitration for the first time. After traineeships at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg and at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg I wanted to work in a smaller institution where my work has a more direct impact. The DIS felt like the right place where I could use my knowledge while at the same time gaining new experiences.

What do you particularly appreciate about your work?

I particularly appreciate the working environment at the DIS. I have been warmly welcomed and was quickly integrated into the team. All colleagues are very nice, supportive and forthcoming. It is overall a very pleasant place to work.

What motivates you?

My main motivation is to get a profound understanding of the processes behind arbitration proceedings, all while contributing to resolving disputes and working on very interesting cases in a young and highly motivated team.

How would you describe the DIS in three key words?

Efficiency. Professionalism. Confidentiality.

Tell us a fun fact we should know about you?

As a child I took harp lessons for 10 years in a building just 500 meters away from the DIS office in Bad Godesberg - I would have never imagined that I would come back years later to work in that pretty villa with the nice park that I passed so many times before.


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