Review Solidarity Arbitration and Mediation Days

Newsletter 12/2022 - Review: past events


On 17 – 18 November 2022 our friends of the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce organized the Solidarity Arbitration and Mediation Days in Warsaw to support the Ukrainian arbitration community. The DIS together with several other befriended institutions, such as the SCC, ASA and the Austrian Arbitration Association acted as supporting organization of the event which addressed on its first day many of the legal questions resulting from the Russian invasion.

Prof. Selivon, the President of the ICAC Arbitration Court in Kiev, emphasized during his opening speech of the first panel on “The Future of International Arbitration in the New Security Situation” how important the support and solidarity of the Polish and other European colleagues is for the Ukrainian arbitration community. He thanked the organizers for the organization of the event and the initiative to use the proceeds of the conference to set up a fund for the young arbitration lawyers from Ukraine.

The further sessions of the first day were devoted to the following topics: “New reality: States’ responsibility, international public law and dispute resolution”; “Energy Transition and Arbitration: Is Synergy Possible?”; “Subject Matters of Disputes of Tomorrow”.

The second day addressed new ideas for the practice of dispute resolution. It included sessions on “State of the Art in the Dispute Resolution Management”, “How to effectively use Mediation within Litigation and Arbitration?”, “Post Pandemic Dispute Resolution Toolbox: What did we actually learn from COVID-19?”.

The DIS was represented at the conference by its Chairman Prof. Stefan Kröll who signed the documents for the setting up the support fund and moderated the session on “Subject Matters of  Disputes of Tomorrow”. Further speakers from the DIS/DIS 40 were Karl Pörnbacher and Henriette Sigmund.

In the closing remarks it was emphasized that whatever challenges are faced in the future, the rule of law, security and justice are the main objectives to be achieved.

Stefan Kröll


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