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Our work in numbers   Our work in numbers About us Contact Proceedings Initiated in 2020 Types of proceedings 2019 2020   Total number of DIS proceedinds   151 165 ... of Industry and Commerce (IHK) arbitration proceedings   13 13     of which IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld   ... Arbitration Rules   22 17   subtotal of arbitration


Expertise   Expertise Arbitration Contact Expertise proceedings offer parties an opportunity to obtain a non-binding ... to resolve a dispute. The subject matter of expertise proceedings is only a specific disputed issue. The expert ... binding opinion obtained through expert determination proceedings, is not binding on the parties. If disputing parties ...


... made by a neutral conciliator. In conciliation proceedings, a conciliator facilitates negotiations between ... Rules is that the success of the conciliation proceedings depends on the willingness of all involved parties to ... each party has the possibility to terminate the proceedings at any time without having to provide justification ... applies particularly to the design of conciliation

Dispute Management

... money by avoiding costly arbitration or state court proceedings. There are various different ADR mechanisms to choose ... for the respective dispute. In dispute management proceedings, an independent Dispute Manager assists parties in ... (Annex 6), a set of rules for dispute management proceedings is available. These rules can also be applied ...

Expert determination

... Parties can already agree on expert determination proceedings as a method of dispute resolution at the time of the ... they can also agree on expert determination proceedings after a dispute has arisen. The DIS recommends combining expert determination proceedings with arbitration. This clause should be included in contracts. Advantages of Expert Determination


Events DIS40 Frankfurt: Arbitration vs Court Proceedings DIS40-Event 22. Jul 2021 online Organizer: DIS40 Frankfurt Contact Arbitration vs court proceedings – a neck-and-neck race for efficiency? Both ... share a common interest: ensuring efficiency in proceedings. More and more arbitral institutions issue specific rules on expedited


... The DIS administers on average 250 arbitration proceedings at any given time and has successfully administered thousands of arbitration proceedings throughout its more than 100-year history. Arbitral ... manner in only one instance. The costs of arbitration proceedings are often lower than corresponding


... Arbitration Contact In the context of mediation proceedings, parties are actively and responsibly involved in ... neutral third party and is solely responsible for the proceedings. The mediator provides the parties with different ... their contract. Parties can also agree on mediation proceedings after a dispute has already arisen. Advantages of ...

Arbitration process

... Number of arbitrators 01 Option Dispute Management Proceedings Dispute settlement clauses (e.g. arbitration ... the request for arbitration. Dispute management proceedings are designed to help the parties to select the ... to the DIS Arbitration Rules. The commencement of the proceedings normally interrupts the statute of limitations. A prerequisite for arbitration

Cost Calculator 2016-2018

... of filing a claim with the DIS, as well as the costs of the entire proceedings. The costs are calculated in accordance with the Schedule of Costs ... by the DIS in force at the time of commencement of the arbitral proceedings. Please note: For proceedings commenced from 1 March 2018 onwards, the following Cost Calculator is applicable. For

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