AIJA/DIS40 - International Arbitration and Healthcare double seminar: Arbitration in Times of Change – New Lands and Frontiers in Arbitration?


06. Oct 2022

Organizer: AIJA and DIS40

We would like to draw your attention to AIJA’s Annual Arbitration Conference, which will be held from 6-8 October 2022 in Berlin and is supported by DIS40. The conference titled “Arbitration in Times of Change – New Lands and Frontiers in Arbitration?” focuses on the challenges and opportunities that characterise our time and which impact the practice of arbitration.

AIJA / DIS40 - International Arbitration and Healthcare double seminar

Arbitration in Times of Change – New Lands and Frontiers in Arbitration?

Date: 6-8 October 2022
Venue: Berlin

The topics covered by the conference programme range from the issue of economic sanctions and their impact on arbitral proceedings, the role of arbitration in the context of climate change to the ever-present issue of efficiency – are preliminary assessments and similar tools the way to prevent lengthy and costly proceedings? Participants will also get the chance to engage in interactive workshops discussing whether arbitration can be a true option for start-ups and how to deal with the unexpected: force majeure and hardship – has arbitration proven to be up to the challenges? Finally, AIJA’s International Arbitration Commission teams up with AIJA’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Commission to discuss successful dispute resolution strategies on the healthcare market. As is tradition at the Annual Arbitration Conferences of AIJA, there also will be a fantastic social program, including a reception at the Hugos and a dinner at the restaurant Käfer, both over the rooftops of Berlin. The full event calendar is available at the conference webpage.


If you wish to attend, you should consider registering soon since the number of participants and the special rates negotiated with the conference hotel InterContinental Berlin are limited.

The event fees for DIS40 members amount to EUR 495 + VAT (for bookings before 22 September 2022),
respectively EUR 595 + VAT (for bookings after 22 September 2022).

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