Exchange with the Ministry of Justice in Japan

Newsletter 1/2024 - International Activities: News


On 6 December 2023 our Secretary General, Dr. Ramona Schardt, and Dr. Rouven Bodenheimer, Member of the Board, were pleased to be invited for an online exchange with members of the Ministry of Justice in Japan and arbitration practitioners who entrust DIS arbitration to efficiently resolve disputes.

The virtual meeting served as a platform to explore various aspects of cooperation between the DIS and the Japanese arbitration community. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Justice in Japan, discussions revolved around fostering civil law-oriented international arbitration, mediation, or a hybrid model.

One of the focuses of the exchange was to identify opportunities for synergy between the DIS and Japanese arbitration practitioners. The participants expressed a keen interest in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of dispute resolution, aligning with the evolving needs of the global business landscape. Dr. Ramona Schardt and Dr. Rouven Bodenheimer shared insights and perspectives, drawing on their extensive experience and expertise in the field of arbitration. The exchange was marked by a spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding, laying the foundation for future endeavours that aim to strengthen the ties between DIS and the Japanese arbitration community.

As we move forward, the DIS remains committed to fostering international partnerships that contribute to the development of arbitration practices globally.

Ramona Schardt


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