SchiedsVZ, Issue 1/24

Newsletter 1/2024 - News


We are pleased to announce that issue 1/24 of the SchiedsVZ has just been published with the following articles:


Rüdiger Wilhelmi, Grenzen der fremdbestimmten Schiedsvereinbarung – Konsequenzen der Pechstein-Entscheidung des BVerfG für die Sport- und die Handelsschiedsgerichtsbarkeit [Limits of the externally determined arbitration agreement – Consequences of the Pechstein decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court for sports and commercial arbitration]

Georg Scherpf/Victor Gontard/Katia Rener, Are we turning French? A comparative perspective on the BGH Decision of 9.3.2023

Jake Lowther, International Arbitration: Navigating a Clash of Cultures and Conflicts of Interes

Practice Report

Frank Meckes/Karl J. T. Wach/Arno Riethmüller/Quirin Thomas, „The Munich PO1“: Muster einer Verfahrensleitenden Verfügung Nr. 1 in DIS-Schiedsverfahren mit Schiedsort Deutschland [„The Munich PO1“: Model Procedural Order No. 1 in DIS Arbitral Proceedings with the Place of Arbitration in Germany]

Event Report

Eva-Maria Wettstein/Carla Müller, 13. Tagung des Krickenbecker Kreises zum Internationalen Investitionsrecht [13th Conference of the Krickenbeck Circle on International Investment Law]

Book Review

Gregory Fullelove/Laila Hamzi/Daniel Harrison (eds.), International Arbitration in England: Perspectives in Times of Change (Stephan Wilske)

Case Law

BayObLG 20.11.2023 - 102 Sch 173/23e: Application of Section 1061 ZPO to foreign arbitral awards on agreed terms

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