DIS@Tokyo: Japanese and German Perspectives on Post M&A Disputes

Newsletter 2/2024 - Past Events

14 March 2024, Tokyo

The event "Japanese and German Perspectives on Post M&A Disputes", held in Tokyo on 14 March 2024, was a great success. Organized by DIS with support from the Japan Association of Arbitrators (JAA), the seminar fostered exchange between German and Japanese perspectives on post-M&A disputes as part of our commitment to arbitration and understanding international legal cultures.

After the welcome by Hiroyuki Tezuka (Vice-President Japan Accociation of Arbitrators and Partner by Nishimura & Asahi, Tokyo), DIS Vice-President Rouven F. Bodenheimer (BODENHEIMER GBR, Berlin/Cologne) outlined DIS's role and significance in arbitration for post-M&A disputes. Lars Markert (Nishimura & Asahi, Tokyo) shared experiences with such disputes in Japan, highlighting the relevance of arbitration.

The panel discussion, moderated by Aiko Hosokawa (OH-EBASHI LPC & PARTNERS, Toky), featured experts like Hiroyuki Tezuka, Lars Markert (both Nishimura & Asahi, Tokyo) and Rouven F. Bodenheimer (BODENHEIMER GBR, Berlin/Cologne), discussing challenges and strategic considerations in post-M&A arbitration and triggering a lively debate among the audience.

We thank Tokyo Facilities for Arbitration Hearings for their hospitality and the Japan Association of Arbitrators for supporting this event. The exchange between legal cultures enhances our understanding and promotes more effective dispute resolution in cross-border transactions.

Rouven F. Bodenheimer


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