DIS Figures in 2022

Newsletter 06/2023 - Announcements


In 2022, a total of 164 proceedings were commenced with the DIS. 82 % (135 proceedings) of them were DIS arbitration proceedings, 10 % ADR and other proceedings, becoming more popular in comparison to the previous year (6 %). Among the remaining proceedings, there were DIS sports proceedings (3 %), DIS/Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) arbitration proceedings (4 %), and UNCITRAL proceedings (1 %), demonstrating a growing demand for DIS services.

In 2022, DIS arbitration proceedings had their seat in 26 different cities. Frankfurt am Main (30 %), Munich (19 %) and Berlin (10 %) were the most popular seats of arbitration.

According to statistics, with no surprise, German remains the most commonly used language of DIS arbitrations – in 2022 it was used in 65 % of the cases. The remaining 35 % were conducted in English - a small growth in comparison to 2021 with 30 % of arbitrations conducted in English.

In regard to the internationality of the parties, in 40 % of DIS arbitration proceedings at least one foreign party was involved; in 10 % of the proceedings parties on even both sides were international.

Arbitrations filed in 2022 involved an increasing number of parties from different countries. While in 2021 the number of represented countries amounted to 19, the number increased to 35 in 2022.

Out of the total of 141 submitted arbitrations (including IHK proceedings) 34 (24 %) involved multiple parties. Parties benefited from provisions under the DIS Arbitration Rules allowing multi-party proceedings in a comparable number of cases as in the previous years: In 2022, in 4 cases multiple claimants commenced the arbitration whereas multiple parties were on the side of respondents in 21 cases. In comparison to 2021, the number of cases with multiple parties on both sides has increased from 1 to 9, demonstrating the continuing, if not growing interest of users in multi-party proceedings.

For further information about the DIS arbitration proceedings in numbers please visit our website here.

Chun-Kyung Paulus Suh


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