Review Lunch DIScussions: The Diverse World of Independent Arbitrator Set-ups: Role Models for German Arbitrators?

Newsletter 06/2023 - Past Events

13 April 2023, virtual event

Over the last 20 years there have been very interesting developments in the arbitration market: A growing number of well-known arbitration practitioners left their law firms and set up as independent arbitrators. In this context, new forms of cooperation amongst these arbitrators have emerged, mainly in the common law world.

Against this background, on 13 April 2023, the DIS hosted a very interesting discussion among Kaj Hobér, Associate Member of 3 Verulam Buildings, London, Eva Kalnina, independent arbitrator with Arbitration Chambers, London, and Dana MacGrath, independent arbitrator at Arbitra International, on the pros and cons of their setup. The discussion, moderated by Dorothee Ruckteschler, revealed that the motives of these three well-known arbitrators for joining these cooperations were different, but that all of them are happy with the support they receive from their organisations. These organisations also have members with a civil law background. All panelists agreed, however, that one needs a certain amount of experience and visibility as arbitration practitioner before setting up on one’s own promises success.

Dorothee Ruckteschler


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