Statement of the DIS on the "Eckpunktepapier des BMJ zur Modernisierung des deutschen Schiedsverfahrensrechts"

Newsletter 06/2023 - Announcements


The Federal Ministry of Justice has presented a White Paper on the modernization of German arbitration law (available here in German and here in an unofficial translation provided by DIS).  25 years after its comprehensive revision, this area of law is to be adapted in detail to today's needs in order to increase its efficiency and to further strengthen Germany's attractiveness as a location for arbitration.

The DIS has commented on the White Paper (available here).  We welcome the White Paper because it further improves German arbitration law and is an important element in an overall strategy to promote Germany as an arbitration location.

In order to provide as comprehensive a basis as possible for our statement and to incorporate the expertise of our members, we solicited our members’ views on the White Paper through a survey, and we discussed those aspects that proved more controversial in this survey individually with our members in an online event.

We sincerely thank you, our members, for your committed support through your participation in our survey on the White Paper and in the subsequent webinar!

The DIS will continue to monitor this legislative initiative and remain engaged with the relevant stakeholders.

Reinmar Wolff


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