A look behind the scenes of the DIS, the HKIAC and the Swiss Arbitration Centre

Newsletter 08/2023 - Review Past Events

21 June 2023, Berlin

Despite the tropical temperatures in Berlin, the Secretaries General Mariel Dimsey (HKIAC), Ramona Schardt, LL.M. (UVA) (DIS), and Korinna von Trotha (Swiss Arbitration Centre (former SCAI)) provided a refreshing insight into the workings of the three institutions in a casual conversation on 21 June 2023. Among other things, they discussed how the institutions can ensure efficient conduct of proceedings, the role of diversity in the appointment of arbitrators and the challenges they face in implementing case management platforms.

Many thanks to Tom Christopher Pröstler and Marleen Krueger for their excellent moderation and to you, dear guests, for the lively discussion. Further thanks go to CMS for the excellent organisation of the event and to WilmerHale for sponsoring the catering.

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