DIS signs the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations – a step towards a more environmentally conscious future

Newsletter 08/2023 - Announcements


DIS is proud to announce the signing of the Green Pledge. We are now an institutional supporter of the "Campaign for Greener Arbitrations: The Green Pledge". The Campaign is a global initiative to raise awareness of the carbon footprint of international arbitration and to minimise its environmental impact.

By signing up to the campaign, we reaffirm our commitment to environmentally sustainable arbitration and our willingness to bring about positive change. In recent years, DIS has decided to perceive and sustainably improve its actions and activities with regard to their impact on the environment.

The energy supply in the Bonn office and the Berlin office has been switched to environmentally friendly renewable electricity. In addition to an increased offer of virtual events, DIS offers a discounted event ticket for on-site events within Germany in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn. For some years now, the internal administration of proceedings at DIS has been paperless. We are currently working on the introduction of a complete online case management platform to further advance digitalisation, just to name a few projects.

We look forward to supporting this initiative and making a positive impact on the environment through our activities.

Information to the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations
The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations is an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of international arbitrations.  The campaign was founded by International Arbitrator, Lucy Greenwood, in 2019, with the aim of significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the arbitration community. The campaign is made up of a group of arbitration practitioners committed to achieving sustainable change in the way arbitrations are managed. The campaign promotes awareness of the environmental impact of arbitrations and produces best practice guides on ways we all can act to minimise the carbon footprint of our practice.

For further information about the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations and the Green Pledge, please refer to the website.


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