DIS and FAI Arbitration – Experiences on Similarities and Differences

Newsletter 11/2023 - International Activities

21 September 2023, Online

On 21 September 2023, the DIS and the Finland Arbitration Institute (FAI) hosted a joint webinar to discuss the specific advantages and challenges of arbitrating in Germany and Finland under the DIS and FAI Rules.

Panellists Stefan Kröll, Chairman of the Board (DIS) and Gisela Knuts, Independent Arbitrator, Board Vice-Chair (FAI) drew on their extensive experience as arbitrators and also shared their institutional perspectives. Perspective on what makes "Finnish" and "German” arbitrations special.

The discussion was moderated by Ramona Schardt, Secretary General (DIS), and Sanna Kaistinen, Secretary General (FAI), and loosely followed the life cycle of an arbitration under the DIS and FAI Rules and shared "German" and "Finnish" experiences as the discussion progressed.

The panel revealed many similarities, but also notable differences, some of which are due to the differences resulting from the different size of the legal markets, as well as from the different institutional set up. At the end of the hour-long event, the audience was invited to ask questions.

Given the interest in the community and the benefits of strong cooperation between the arbitration institutions, this will certainly not be the last joint DIS-FAI event.

Carina Alcoberro Llivina

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