DIS Franchise Group: Mediation: The best way to resolve a franchise dispute?

Newsletter 11/2023 - Review Past Events

13 September 2023, Berlin

As part of the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days 2023, the DIS Franchise Group, one of the industry groups of the Institute, hosted a side event focused on mediation in franchising. The event provided a platform for industry professionals and representatives of franchising associations to engage in an open discussion on the effectiveness of mediation in the franchise sector.

The session began with a brief introduction addressing the rising popularity of mediation in resolving franchise-related disputes and exploring both the pros and cons of mediating conflicts between franchisors and franchisees. Participants then shared their experiences and insights regarding the benefits and challenges of using mediation as a method for dispute resolution in the franchising sector. The discussion also gathered opinions on best practices and tips for selecting mediators, preparing for mediation sessions, and creating mediation clauses and agreements.

The outcomes of this discussion, along with concrete recommendations, will be further elaborated and discussed in the upcoming meeting of the DIS Franchise Group. For additional information on how to become a part of the group, please visit our website.

Jiri Jaeger

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