DIS Construction Group: Lex constructionis - construction industry-specific legal concepts

Newsletter 11/2023 - Review Past Events

13 September 2023, Berlin

On 13 September 2023, the sixth event of the DIS Construction took place as part of the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days. This year's event was on the topic of "Lex constructionis: construction industry-specific legal concepts". After a welcome and introduction of the speakers by the three DIS Construction Group Co-Chairs Andreas J. Roquette, Bernd Ehle and Tom C. Pröstler, the main part consisted of three presentations on the topic of the day.

The first speaker, Katherine Bell (Lawyer at Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich) gave an insightful introduction to the concept of lex constructionis and presented its historical development, having certain similarities with lex mercatoria.

Anya Marinkovich (Lawyer at Gunter Arbitration, Geneva) then went into more depth on the legal concept of lex constructionis in the context of changes and variations.

Finally, Stefan Leupertz (Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Mediator at Leupertz Baukonfliktmanagement, Cologne) promoted cooperation as one of the generally accepted legal principles in lex constructionis.

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion between the speakers and the audience.

The event was kindly hosted by Raue LLP and a delicious buffet was provided by J.S. Held LLC.

Till Raphael Sudkamp

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