30 Years DIS: Serving Businesses and Justice

Newsletter 09/2022 - Upcoming Events

14 September 2022, Berlin


The beginnings of the DIS date back to 1920, when the Deutsche Ausschuss für das Schiedsgerichtswesen e.V. (DAS) (German Committee for Arbitration was founded in Berlin. In its current form, the DIS came into existence in 1992, when the DAS merged with the Deutsches Instiut für Schiedsgerichtswesen (DIS) (German Institute for Arbitration).

The 30th anniversary of the DIS will be celebrated on 14 September 2022, on the eve of the traditional DIS Autumn Conference, with an anniversary event titled “30 Years DIS: Serving Businesses and Justice”. The event will feature a short review of the DIS’ history by its Honorary Chairman Professor Böckstiegel and welcoming speech from the BDI, as one of the “parents” of the DIS. Thereafter, two panels with participants from all parts of the membership and users of the DIS will address particularities of arbitrations involving parties from different ends of the spectrum of arbitration users – large corporations as well as small and medium businesses. Considering the needs of both in one set of arbitration rules, has been an issue for DIS since its beginnings. The 30th anniversary is an opportunity to review this important question once again and to discuss where it has already been successfully addressed and where there still is need for further action in the future.

The full program of the DIS Autumn Conference is available here.

Stefan Kröll




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