Berlin Dispute Resolution Days and DIS Autumn Conference

Newsletter 09/2022 - Upcoming Events

13-16 September 2022, Berlin


Starting this year, the DIS has initiated the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days. Being built around the DIS Autumn Conference, which for years has been aimed at an international audience and has been held completely in English, the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days aim to showcase Germany’s arbitration scene. While Great Britain has London, France has Paris and Sweden has Stockholm, Germany for decades now has thriving arbitration scenes in several cities, inter alia, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. The strength and skills of this vast network of arbitration practitioners will form the basis for the present and future Berlin Dispute Resolution Days.

The Berlin Dispute Resolution Days will discuss topical issues of international dispute resolution. This year will start with the DIS autumn conference, which will discuss disputes arising out of the energy transition, as well as the DIS40 conference, which will deal with ESG disputes. They are complemented by the 6th Böckstiegel lecture, an event celebrating 30 years of DIS and conferences organized by the law faculty of Humboldt University as well as side events organized by lawfirms.

Future events will not be limited to arbitration topics. Discussing also issues such as mediation is not only in line with the DIS’ offering of also mediation rules, but desired and requested by practice and industry and commerce. The Berlin Dispute Resolution Days will thus become the leading event for topical issues of international dispute resolution in Germany and beyond.

The complete calendar for the Berlin Disputes Resolution Days is available at

Richard Happ




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