Cancellation of COVID-19 procedural features

Newsletter 09/2022 - Announcements


With the shift from the pandemic to the endemic situation, the increased presence in the Bonn office as well as the reopening of the Berlin office, the DIS has decided to cancel the "Announcement of Particular Procedural Features for the Administration of Arbitrations in View of the Covid-19 Pandemic", applicable in its second version as of 1 July 2020, for all DIS arbitrations initiated since 1 September 2022. The provisions of the announcement will continue to apply to arbitrations already in progress.

Some of the provisions have proven to be practicable facilitations and will therefore also be implemented in the future independently of a stand-alone announcement. For example, the DIS favours the initiation of arbitral proceedings through the electronic submission of a Request for Arbitration by email to casemanagement(at) The DIS will continue to dispense with the paper copy of the Request for Arbitration without attachments required under Article 4.2 DIS Arbitration Rules, and invoices will continue to be sent as PDFs by email. The DIS will include corresponding practice notes in its letters to the parties of the proceedings.

James Menz




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