Update Covid-19


As we continue to navigate the changing tides posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, our priorities remain the same. Our focus continues to be on keeping our employees safe and maintaining our business continuity so that we can help you keep yours.

Following the Covid-19 outbreak we extended remote working a few months ago. Our staff is getting used to a new normal and is dedicated to reducing any impact of the shift to remote work on our performance results. We are committed to keeping our services up and running and minimizing any delay or other inconvenience caused by the pandemic.

Our employees are empowered with technical tools to continue to do their jobs, collaborate and support one another. They engage with our users and partners to work out solutions to the unforeseen scenarios we are facing together.

Kindness, patience and partnership will get us through this and we are here for you. We remain confident and believe in the power of our people and of our collective ability to come out stronger. For any assistance or advice, please feel free to email us at dis(at)no_spamdisarb.org.

Thank you for your trust and partnership.

Announcement of Particular Procedural Features for the Administration of Arbitrations in View of the Covid-19 Pandemic

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