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Newsletter 06/2023 - Announcements


Previous editions of the Newsletter have already reported on the DIS’ endeavors to promote the relations and networks between the German arbitration community and that of its neighboring countries. To this end, country groups have or are about to be constituted. Among the first of such groups is the Country group Germany – Denmark, the DAA/DIS Arbitration Group.

The DAA/DIS Arbitration Group is currently co-chaired by Lotte Eskesen of Gorrissen Federspiel in Copenhagen and Jan Heiner Nedden of Hanefeld’s Hamburg office. It consists of some 11 arbitration practitioners from Germany and Denmark. In selecting the members, due regard was given to experience with, and exposure to, the respective neighboring country along with a profound interest in fostering the bilateral dispute resolution relationship and networks.

The group first met virtually for a kick-off and get-to-know meeting in mid-April 2023. While quite a number of the members already knew one or the other member from other occasions, there were also some first-time acquaintances. Unsurprisingly and well in accordance with the spirit of the group, the introduction of the members quickly turned into an exchange of ideas as to what the actual activities of the group could be. In addition, the initial discussions brought to light interesting, and sometimes surprising, similarities and differences between arbitral practice in Germany and Denmark.

Quickly, the idea of a joint conference was born, and the Danish Arbitration Association (Dansk Forening for Voldgift) with its Chairman Jeppe Skadhauge kindly offered to dedicate the Association’s upcoming seminar in the afternoon of 19 June 2023 in Copenhagen to the DAA/DIS Arbitration Group, and the group was invited to put together a program.

The following appetizers may prompt the readers of this Newsletter to start making travel plans for Copenhagen. Three panels will take a comparative look at subject matters such as (i) Where to look when there are "holes" in the story: How do Danish and German tribunals approach the merits? (ii) Hands on or Hands off: How do Danish and German arbitrators approach procedure and evidence taking? and (iii) Hedge or Not to Hedge: How do Danish and German arbitration parties deal with the risk of losing?

Building Bridges Beyond the Femern Belt

Date: 19 June 2023, 14.00 - 17.00
Venue: Gorrissen Federspiel, Axeltorv 2, 1609 Copenhagen V.

The full program can be viewed here.
Registrations are possible until 15 June 2023 at: AVP(at)no_spamgorrissenfederspiel.com

Prior to the afternoon conference on 19 June 2023 that is open to all arbitration practitioners from Germany and Denmark (and beyond), the DAA/DIS Arbitration Group members will meet over a working lunch to discuss, among others, the group’s mission statement and future events.

The group is excited to get closer over and beyond the Femern Belt and looks forward to both countries’ arbitration practitioner joining the group’s endeavors and activities.

Lotte Eskesen and Jan Heiner Nedden


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