"🔍 Unlocking the Arbitral Code: Join us at the DIS Roundtable Discussion, where the frontier of arbitration meets cutting-edge technology! 🚀

🤖 "The Use of Large Language Models in Arbitration" 🤖

🔍 Curious about the impact of Large Language Models in the arbitration landscape? Our esteemed panelists will navigate through the legal intricacies and technological possibilities. 💬

🔍 Key Questions to Explore:
1️⃣   How do Large Language Models enhance document review and analysis in arbitration proceedings?
2️⃣   What challenges and ethical considerations arise in the use of AI-driven language models in legal contexts?
3️⃣   Can AI bridge language gaps in international arbitration, fostering a more inclusive and efficient process?
4️⃣   What role does transparency play in the deployment of Large Language Models in the legal sector?

Don't miss this chance to dive deep into the intersection of technology and arbitration with our expert panel. Register now to secure your virtual seat."

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2018 DIS Arbitration Rules Clinic: Practice Group Technology

Roundtable "The Use of Large Language Models in Arbitration"

Date: 21. December 2023, 4.00 - 6.00 pm CET
The event will take place virtually (joining details will follow separately).

For more information and registration please refer to the invitation. Participation in the event is free of charge.


Registration for this event is not required for members of the DIS Practice Group Technology.

If you are not a member of the DIS Practice Group Technology, please register by 19 December 2023 via the link below. By registering you accept the DIS General Terms and Conditions for Conferences and Workshops.

Registered participants will receive the access data by email before the start of the event.

Please address any questions to: hello.rulesinpractice(at)no_spamdisarb.org.

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