Solidarity Arbitration and Mediation Days 2023

Newsletter 1/2024 - International Activities: Past Events

6-7 December 2023, Warsaw

On 6 and 7 December 2023, the Solidarity Arbitration and Mediation Days (SAMD) conference took place in Warsaw, Poland. The event brought together leading practitioners and academics from Ukraine, Poland, and other countries to discuss the future of dispute resolution, in particular in the CEE region. The conference was organized on a non-profit basis, with the revenues transferred to a scholarship fund for Ukrainian students and junior lawyers. The DIS facilitated this remarkable gesture of solidarity for the development of the next generation of dispute resolution professionals in Ukraine by being one of the supporting organizations.

The conference featured four panels on each day, covering a range of topics related to the current and future challenges and opportunities in arbitration and mediation, especially in the context of the new security situation, the energy transition, the sustainable development goals, and the construction sector. The panels were moderated by distinguished practitioners, and included speakers from various jurisdictions, institutions, and backgrounds.

On the first day, the event kicked off with the first panel on the future of international arbitration in the new security situation, with a focus on the Ukrainian perspective. The second panel explored the energy transition and its implications for dispute resolution, especially in the areas of decarbonization, renewables, and offshore projects. After a lunch break, the third panel tackled the topic of ESG and how dispute resolution lawyers can contribute to the sustainable development goals. It was followed by the final panel for the day, which dealt with the current trends in dispute boards.

On the second day, the first panel discussed the pros and cons of mediation, with a particular focus on the potential benefits for complex infrastructure disputes. The second panel of the day addressed the state of the art in the dispute resolution management in construction arbitration and litigation, with a focus on the modern procedural tool-box. After the lunch break, the third panel discussed the topic of experts and best practices for their use in arbitration and mediation. The conference ended with the conclusions and closing remarks by the representatives of the organizers and partners of the event, who thanked the speakers, sponsors, and participants for their contribution and support. It also featured two of the recipients of the scholarship of the 2022 SAMD edition, who expressed their gratitude for all the support during difficult times.

The conference also offered several networking and social events, such as breakfast and a cocktail receptions. These were great opportunities to meet and exchange views with colleagues from different jurisdictions and backgrounds.

The DIS will continue to support the joint efforts of the organizers of the SAMD, who hope to be able to hold the next edition in Kyiv.

Florian Wagner


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