DIS@PAW2024: International and German Perspectives on Post M&A Arbitration

Newsletter 2/2024 - Past Events

20 March 2024, Paris

As part of Paris Arbitration Week, the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) hosted a high-calibre panel on "International and German Perspectives on Post-M&A Disputes" on 20 March 2024.

The event, which took place at the offices of King & Spalding in Paris, was opened by Vanessa Benichou (King&Spalding, Paris) with an introductory overview in which she emphasised the increasing importance of arbitration proceedings for post-M&A disputes.

Reinmar Wolff, Vice-President of the DIS Board, gave an insight into the role of the DIS and arbitration in post-M&A proceedings in Germany. In the ensuing discussion, moderated by Jan K. Schäfer (DIS Board Member, Partner, King & Spalding, Frankfurt), experts such as Bartosz Krużewski (Partner, Clifford Chance, Warsaw), Shirin Saif (Partner, Roschier, Stockholm), Vanina Sucharitkul (Partner, Rajah & Tann, Singapore) and Mirjam van de Hel-Koedoot (Partner, Nauta Dutilh, Amsterdam), Johanna Wirth (DIS Board Member, Partner at Hengeler Mueller, Berlin) and Richard Happ (Partner at Luther, Hamburg and DIS Board Member) shared their experiences and insights. Topics ranged from the interaction between arbitrators and tribunals, challenges in warranty claims and allegations of fraud, to complex transactions, the importance of contract interpretation and access to post-closing information.

The well-attended event once again highlighted the essential role of arbitration in the global economy and provided deep insights into the practice and challenges of post-M&A arbitration. We would like to thank not only all the speakers, but also the lively participants in the discussion for their significant contribution to a successful and insightful exchange.

Richard Happ


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