Get to know: Ivan Petrov

Newsletter 06/2023 - Insights: Behind the Scenes of the DIS

What is your role at the DIS?

Since 1 May 2023 I am Counsel at the German Arbitration Institute (DIS). In this role with the support of my colleagues – counsels and case administrators, we make sure that all arbitrations and other proceedings under the various DIS rules run smoothly, efficiently and end with enforceable  legal acts.

What path led you to the DIS?

In 2020 I graduated an LL.M. degree in International Dispute Resolution at the Humboldt University of Berlin. One of the subjects was Special Areas of Arbitration which included also studying the 2018 DIS Arbitration Rules. Since then I have always been somehow connected with the DIS. Even though I was working as a lawyer in the past two years in the largest international law firm in Bulgaria, I kept an eye on DIS. When I recently received the opportunity to start working for them as Counsel I was very happy. Despite of the fact that I had to realocate to Germany I did not need much time to accept the offer.

What do you particularly appreciate about your work?

As a new member of the team with a background of a litigation lawyer I particularly praise this work for giving me the opportunity to think carefully about the previous and the next procedural steps that a party would undertake. This provides the counsel with a unique point of view over the arbitration. Such standing allows the counsel with small steps to facilitate and contribute to certain procedural agreements between the parties, to contribute to efficiency and quality of the process.

What motivates you?

I am driven by the idea to contribute to the development of the alternative dispute resolution tools and in particular arbitration. I am also personally motivated to gather priceless experience and develop my professional network.

How would you describe the DIS in three key words?

Intellectual, sustainable, energetic!

Tell us a fun fact we should know about you?

A fun fact about me is that I managed to spend a significant amount of time trying to come up with a fun fact. I can only say that I have a Labrador and I am a foodie like him.


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