CEIA/CIAM/DIS Arbitration Group: Broadening the perspective - A comparative look at the arbitration practice in Germany, Spain and Iberoamerica

Newsletter 08/2023 - Upcoming Events

15 September 2023, Berlin

At 9 am on 15 September 2023 - during the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days 2023 - the CEIA/CIAM/DIS German-Spanish Arbitration Group will organize an event at the Spanish Embassy, Liechtensteinallee 1, 10787 Berlin, under the title

Broadening the perspective: A comparative look at the arbitration practice in Germany, Spain and Iberoamerica.

The Spanish Ambassador will welcome attendees.

A first panel composed of José Menendéz Arias (CEIA), José Maria Alonso Puig (CIAM) and Carina Alcoberro Llivina (DIS) will provide an overview of institutional international arbitration seated in Spain from the institutional perspective based on a comparative approach with Germany.

A second panel composed of Meike von Levetzow, Jan Kleinheisterkamp and Josep María Julia Insenser will then discuss hot topics concerning international arbitration practice based on a comparative approach comprising Germany, Spain, and Iberoamerica.

The formal part of the event shall be followed by an informal gathering, i.e. a ‘vino Español’.

This event aims at laying a basic groundwork for subsequent events that will be organized by the  CEIA/CIAM/DIS German Spanish Arbitration Group. This joint group, composed of Spanish and German permanent representatives with chairpersons selected for two year’s terms, is permanent and aims at serving as permanent platform of exchanges between Spanish and German domiciled dispute resolution practitioners. Any colleague interested in participating in these activities will be cordially welcomed. For further information please refer to the flyer.

The event is free of charge. Registrations at administracion(at)no_spamclubarbitraje.com must be received by 8 September 2023 at latest.

We eagerly look forward to meeting you there.

The Group Co-chairs

Josef Fröhlingsdorf & Erik Schäfer


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