DISputes and Sport: Implementation of the National Anti-Doping Code and ISRM

Newsletter 08/2023 - Review Past Events

3 July 2023, virtual event

On 3 July 2023, the second event of the new DIS event series "DISputes and Sport" was held as a virtual gathering, attracting over 50 participants. The circle of participants comprised experienced sports lawyers and sports arbitrators, with some representation from sports associations as well. This diverse mix added a unique layer of depth to the ensuing discussions.

The event commenced with opening remarks by Ramona Schardt, DIS Secretary General. Following this, Lars Mortsiefer, NADA Board Member and Head of the Legal Department, delivered a keynote presentation. His talk centered on the anti-doping results management in Germany since 2021, elucidating significant changes in the NADC21 (NADA Code 2021). Subsequently, Lars Mortsiefer actively participated in a discussion focused on the practical implementation of the NADC21 in both the domestic and global contexts.

This insightful discourse was adeptly moderated by Caroline Bechtel, Deputy Director of the Institute of Sport Law at the German Sport University Cologne (Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln). She was joined by Léa Krüger, Member of the Presidium of Athleten Deutschland e.V., and Björn Hessert, Counsel at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The panel delved into several key subjects, including the qualifications of arbitrators in the anti-doping proceedings, their ongoing advanced training, the publication of arbitral awards while adhering to data protection regulations, ensuring transparency and procedural safeguards for athletes, the timeline of proceedings, and provision of financial aid. The extensive array of often critical questions and comments that streamed in from participants in the chat underscored the paramount importance of the topic for all stakeholders engaged in organized sports in Germany. This interactive exchange has paved the way for an ongoing dialogue in the near future, highlighting the commitment of all parties involved to foster productive discussions surrounding the subject.

Antonida Netzer

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