Get to know: Robert Binger

Newsletter 1/2024 - Insights: Behind the Scenes of the DIS

What is your role at the DIS?

As an IT Coordinator, my role at the DIS involves ensuring the smooth and secure operation of all IT systems within the organization. This includes setting up, configuring, maintaining, and optimizing the IT infrastructure and implementing security measures to protect sensitive data. I handle tasks such as installing hardware, resolving issues with both hardware and software, conducting employee training and trouble shooting.

What path led you to the DIS?

Throughout my career, I have consistently an interest of an high level of identification to my employers. I like to analyze and to optimize processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, not only for the benefit of the company but also to improve the working environment and employee satisfaction. The opportunity to contribute to the DIS aligns with my skills and values, especially considering the importance of efficient dispute resolution in the business world. The DIS's mission of facilitating dispute resolution through a combination of legal expertise and advanced information technology had aroused my interest.

What do you particularly appreciate about your work?

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the DIS because I strongly identify with the advantages of amicable conflict resolution for both the economy and society. I understand that lengthy disputes can be detrimental to businesses, and my commitment to optimizing processes extends to creating a seamless and efficient procedure for all parties involved.

In addition, the collegial yet professional environment is very conducive to making a personal contribution to your daily work.

What motivates you?

My motivation lies in creating and maintaining IT systems that are not only up-to-date but also highly applicable to the needs of the organization. The challenge of ensuring a smooth workflow, protecting sensitive data, and providing effective communication channels for all stakeholders drives my dedication to my role as an IT Coordinator.

How would you describe the DIS in three key words?

Expertise, Vision, Efficiency

Tell us a fun fact we should know about you?

My record for solving a Rubik's Cube is 52 seconds.

Robert Binger

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