Hamburg International Arbitration Days 2024

Newsletter 1/2024 - Upcoming Events

18 - 20 March 2024, Hamburg

The DIS will hold a side event on efficiency in the digital age as part of the Hamburg International Arbitration Days (HIAD). The 8th Hamburg International Arbitration Days will take place from 18 to 20 March 2024.

Jointly organized by the Center of International Dispute Resolution of the Bucerius Law School (CIDR), the Hamburg Arbitration Circle (HAC), the Rechtsstandort Hamburg and the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Canadian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (CAM-CCBC), the leading Brazilian Arbitration Institution, the HIAD will again offer an opportunity for members of the German Arbitration Community to discuss pervasive problems of international arbitration with leading colleagues from Europe and the Americas. Around the core events, the 7th Luther Lecture, the 8th HIAD Conference and the CAM-CCBC Hamburg Pre-Moot several other events will be organized by the member firms of the Hamburg Arbitration Circle and the DIS. In addition to its own event on „Efficiency in the digital age“, the DIS will be represented at the Bucerius HIAD Conference by its Chairman Stefan Kröll and its Secretary General Ramona Schardt.

7th Luther Dispute Resolution Lecture

Date: Monday, 18 March 2024, 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm (CET)
Venue: Bucerius Law School, Jungiusstraße 6, 20355 Hamburg

This year's Luther Lecture will take a critical look at soft law in international commercial arbitration. The lecture will be delivered by Felix Dasser, the President of ASA (Swiss Arbitration Association) and one of the best known Swiss Arbitration experts. He will discuss the impact of soft law on the flexibility and efficiency of arbitration. For further information please refer to the event website.

DIS@HIAD: Efficiency in the Digital Age

Date: 19 March 2024, 9.00 - 10.30 Uhr am (CET)
Venue: Hanseatic Trade Center, TaylorWessing, Am Sandtorkai 41, 20457 Hamburg

The event will focus on "Efficiency in the Digital Age" from an arbitral institution's point of view, providing insights into the daily challenges of managing cases at the "edge of digitalisation". The DIS will share its experience, inter alia, with its recently launched DIS eFile platform. The event will be accompanied by a delicious breakfast. For further information please refer to the event website.

The morning program will be complemented by further satellite events on diverse arbitration topics organized by members of the dynamic Hamburg arbitration community.

Bucerius HIAD Conference

Date: 19 March 2024, 1.30 pm- 6.00 pm (CET)
Venue: Bucerius Law School, Helmut Schmidt Auditorium, Jungiusstraße 6, 20355 Hamburg

In the afternoon the Bucerius HIAD Conference focusses on the use of AI in arbitration, its present applications and future perspectives. Leading experts will discuss the topic from the perspective of parties, arbitrators and counsels. For further information please refer to the event website.

Networking Dinner

A Networking Dinner in the heart of Hamburg next to the Alster lake, receptions and numerous satellite events complete the schedule of the Hamburg International Arbitration Days. For further information please refer to the event website.

CAM-CCBC Hamburg Pre-Moot

20 March 2024

The CAM-CCBC Hamburg Pre-Moot will take place in the offices of the Hamburg Arbitration Law firm with teams from all over the world. It is probably the most international pre-Moot in Germany with numerous teams and arbitrators from Brazil. Applications to participate as arbitrator can be submitted here.


For further information on all events taking place during the Hamburg International Arbitration Days 2024 and for registration for these events, please visit the HIAD website.

Stefan Kröll

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